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                                      Fujian Aixiangqin Food Stock Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise dedicated to producing and marketing premium baked goods such as breads, cakes, and meat floss buns. By virtue of advanced production techniques introduced from Europe, Class 100,000 (ISO8) production cleanrooms, cutting-edge full intelligent production equipment, and our excellent R & D capacity, we always insist on using the best food materials to product the best and the healthiest foods. That’s why we are always at the frontline of baked goods industry and lead China’s baked goods industry to develop.


                                      We always consider consumers’ health as our priority, for which we are using the best raw materials to bake exquisite foods, even at the price of higher cost and lower profit. Adhering to the business philosophy “Aixiangqin, Using Premium Materials”, we are so “captious” in terms of raw material control. Therefore, all raw materials and ingredients we adopt are from top brands at home and abroad, in order to provide our consumers with highest quality. Our cakes are all made from premium fresh eggs without a drop of water, and the milk power is imported from New Zealand’s brand NZMP; the flagship product of Haijia, a brand of COFCO, is adopted as our flour; with respect to vegetable oil, we use natural soybean oil; and the our grease is all imported from Japanese brand Fuji Oil. As we always produce products, operate business and make friends with our love, we try our best to provide our consumers with the best product.


                                      Adhering to our brand value “Aixiangqin, Using Premium Materials”, we pursue health and quality, for which we not only introduce international cutting-edge fully automatic production equipment, but also employ top bakers to guide us in formulation design. Like this, by virtue of our most advanced techniques and equipment as well as excellent R & D capacity, we continuously improve consumers’ satisfaction and make unremitting efforts to reach our goal of “Spreading Love across the World”.




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